Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We are The Sist3rs. So, you might be asking yourself "who are the sist3rs?". Well, The Sist3rs is made up of three (duh!) sisters; Stephanie, Rachel and Jessica. The three of us are super different but that doesn't stop us from being deeply connected by our love of fashion, diy, decor and everything in between. This blog is for us to share each of our personal styles, creative inspiration, what's new in our life and everything pretty.

Thanks for visiting our blog, we hope you enjoy it!

With love,
The Sist3rs.


  1. ah this blog idea is so cute! i wish i had a sister!

    xoxo, Samantha

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks Samantha.

      ps, your blog is really cute. I <3 your style!

      Love always,
      The Sist3rs

  2. Cute blog girls! I have a sister and we have wanted to do something together for awhile. I will be tuning in. Nothing like sisters.

    Caitlin Confidential